Group Faively Plast

Faiveley Plast is a French-owned international group specialising in high value-added plastic injection moulding for demanding, selective and/or prescriptive markets.
Alongside our general range of products on offer, we provide bespoke solutions and guidance for our clients' specific projects.
Our rich history has enabled us to combine strong international presence, solid shareholder support, and flexible human-sized entities. The main pillar of our success is teamwork spirit.
We are driven by mutual support, entrepreneurial courage, and creativity.
Faiveley Plast is composed of 3 divisions: Industry, Pharma and Beauty.

Key figures

550 Employees
Skills development and career paths management lie at the heart of our concerns.
225 Injection machines
We have a full array of machines ranging from 25 to 500 tons in weight.
75 € mln
We use our best endeavours to sustain our consistent and strong growth.
8 Locations
Our flexible, human-sized entities are able to develop their expertise with the support of our leading group.

Our shareholder

The Faiveley family

have been the owners of several international businesses in a variety of sectors for 7 generations. Erwan Faiveley is now at the head of Financière Faiveley, a financial company that has gained global recognition through its three subsidiaries:

Domaine Faiveley, a wine estate specialising in the production of Burgundy wine since 1825, located in Nuits-Saint-Georges. With a surface of 120 hectares, the Faiveley family owns one of Burgundy’s largest wine estates.

Faiveley Transport, a company specialising in railway equipment manufacturing since 1919. With a €70 billion turnover, Faiveley Transport is a leader in the sector, employing 6,000 people in 50 facilities located in 24 countries.

Faiveley Plast, a company with expertise in plastic injection moulding and the supplier of three main markets – industrial, medical and luxury packaging – since 1992.


Our values

  • To love working
  • To commit ourselves passionately
  • To always
    show respect
  • To dare
    to initiate

At Faiveley Plast, values go beyond words and are currently embodied in a large collaborative, excellence-oriented project:
FP 2020.

The FP 2020 project unites the group behind a single goal: to transform and improve industrial performance by working towards a participative work environment.

« Here is a magnificent challenge that the group is embarking on,
to rely on the workforce » A manager

Our vision
To focus the workforce on the “why do” rather than the “how to do” by enabling them to define improvements themselves every day and the next by participating actively, whether they are blue or white collar.

The basic challenges of the FP 2020 project
• To put the workforce at the centre of operations through workshop organisation and meetings that mix management lines and are based on participation.
• To develop synergies between sites and to pool know-how.
• We stand out through Excellence in our trades.
• We invest, innovate and grow.

« This project represents our values,
our convictions » An employee


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