FAIVELEY Plast is a plastics processor and supplier of Automotive, Medical, and Luxury Goods sectors all over the world.

Every employee of FAIVELEY Plast is aware of the core values ​​of the group based on: Respect; Work with others; A passionate commitment and Daring entrepreneurship. This aims to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers, partners and co-workers.

To do this we all participate in our constant challenge to nurture our culture in terms of TOTAL QUALITY; RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT; ZERO FAULTS; ZERO POLLUTION; ZERO ACCIDENTS.

Our Quality, Safety and Environment policy will be based on a complete and permanent philosophy of continuous improvement to keep us among the market leaders of technical parts.

The priority objectives of the FAIVELEY Plast group throughout its sites are to deliver compliant products in the time planned while unceasingly working on:

  • The implementation of the ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO13485, ISO 14001 standards according to the areas of application of the sites, the full integration of the requirements by all the processes currently described with a view to their eventual standardisation throughout the group,
  • The training of our resources to build up managerial and technical skills by placing people at the centre of our operations.
  • Optimisation of internal communication and productivity by developing synergies between sites and pooling know-how.
  • Evaluation and improvement of the performance of our processes, specifically industrial by integrating the feedback of experiences at all levels,
  • Improvement in the quality of our industrial installations and optimisation of manufacturing cycles,
  • The increase of the profitability of our activities via the reduction of waste and speedy treatment of quality shortfalls,
  • The development of our added value chain by diversifying our customers and markets,
  • Strengthening our sales department and implementing strategic monitoring,
  • Mastering and minimising the impact of our activities on the environment by complying with legal requirements,
  • Health, Safety at Work: compliance with legal requirements but also constant progress by identifying risks, preventing any damage to health.


Our Commitment to work on these points should enable us to achieve excellence in all our business lines and to strike a balance between the well-being of employees and industrial performance, so that FAIVELEY Plast becomes synonymous with sustainable performance.

FAIVELEY Plast will therefore ensure that this policy is spread, understood and reviewed regularly throughout the Group and will be attentive to the behaviour and commitment of everyone in its implementation.